White Ceramic Tag Heuer Formula 1 Lady Replica Watch For Men

Dazzling, dynamic and audacious, the Swiss-made Tag Heuer Formula 1 Lady Ceramic Chronograph replica is the latest in TAG Heuer’s evolution of feminine design that is bold yet far from flashy, understated yet full of sex appeal. With signature style, sophistication and power appeal, TAG Heuer’s Formula 1 ladies’ timepieces are contemporary classics in the making.Four monochromatic models, with a larger 41mm chronograph circumference, extend TAG Heuer’s Steel & Ceramic watch collection, which debuted with immediate success in 2010.

Always in the best of taste, no matter the circumstance, ceramic and steel express a clarity and composure that defines the mens fake TAG Heuer watch avant-garde woman – confident to be ahead of the curve with an alluring, innovative and playful spirit.

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Lady replica watch

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Lady replica watch

The diamond embellished TAG Heuer Formula 1 Lady Steel and Ceramic Chronographs feature 12 diamonds surrounding the dial, and 60 diamonds on the polished stainless steel and ceramic bezel. These jewelled TAG Heuer Formula 1 Lady Steel and Ceramic Chronographs assume another level of delicacy and link to the earliest feminine detailing present in TAG Heuer design.

Steel and ceramic convey a captivating blend of strength and delicacy by their very material nature, especially when offset with scintillating diamonds on the three jewelled models. Ceramic is an exquisite multisensory material, silky and smooth in texture yet extremely lightweight and unalterable: like a diamond, it cannot be scratched. It creates an eye-catching contrast when combined with pure stainless steel, as in the bracelet that holds secure by the stainless steel “butterfly” folding clasp – designed to be effortlessly opened and closed for women on-the-go.

It is the timepiece for a determined woman who also understands that feminine appeal is a mixture of delicacy and strength. As TAG Heuer history advances, its women’s collection develops this seductive, timeless and signature paradox. The high quality fake Tag Heuer Formula 1 Lady Steel and Ceramic Chronograph is for the active yet urbane women with a fresh, glamorous and ready-for-fun personality.

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