Omega Power 2015 FINA Swimming World Cup Series Beijing Railway Station

FINA Swimming World Cup series kicked off the Beijing Railway Station, many of the world’s top swimmers are gathered in Beijing Water Cube, for the love of the sport of swimming with friends presents an exciting duel. Famous Omega Replica watch brands Cheap Omega replica watches as Official FINA Partner and official timing, will swim in the World Cup races and various other important events FINA timekeeper work. Edit am honored today to visit the Water Cube stadium visit Omega timekeeping and data processing studio, experience the most advanced timekeeping technology.


omega speedmaster replica watch is also responsible for timekeeping and data processing work, but also provide support for the development of key technologies behind, thereby ensuring highly accurate record race results. Major equipment including quantum water sports timer, set up in each lane at the end of the touchpad, with a grab jump take-off station detection systems and high-speed cameras.

Field staff to us, like the take-off station and touchpad devices such seemingly small, in fact, contains a large energy. These small timing device can not only collect and store swimming time, you can even share information. Athletes by adding pressure to the touchpad mounted on the end of the lane to the “stop” timing, timing eradicated human error, these athletes physical contact touchpad will react, but it will not be affected by the impact of the waves.

Jump station dedicated track and field events like the starting frame, with take-off foul acoustic detection and take-off device, to ensure that every athlete can hear the take-off signal. They also have an backstroke departure boom, this device can be improved start pedaling force and trajectory when athletes start into the water after the athlete can be manually rotating system, adjust the height of the boom departure, to ensure proper starting position.

In addition a data processing studio, the staff told us about the data transmission system and working procedures during the game, working the stage distribution of dozens of large and small displays, each data calculation system has the host and Preparation of the points, to ensure security and precise results of the competition.

Summary: As an Omega already has 167-year history of the watch brand, regardless of Omega Replica Watches for Sale when the meter works in research and development or technology are in a leading position. Over the years the brand has always been the pursuit of precision timepieces, making it the official FINA and other major events of timepieces, Omega and now also the courage to open up the swimming events in the field of advanced technology research and development, for the sports stadium reloading new strength!