Cartier Tank Anglaise Replica watch

The first Tank was created in 1917 by the renowned watchmaker- Louis Cartier replica . This is how its legacy started. The watch was introduced on the market in 1919, but the prototype was offered as a gift to General Pershing a couple of years earlier. Its unique design is defined by the elegant lugs which connect seamlessly to the star edges of its flat vertical brancards. Those who prefer a more elegant, sophisticated and luxurious style will surely adore the crisp and clean forms of the Cartier Tank. Over the years, the iconic Tank has been manufactured in numerous versions, promoting a high class and versatile look.


One of the most popular and intriguing style from the Tank collection is the Tank Anglaise. This variation of the recognizable Tank dial has the particularity of recreating the ideal blend between the original design and the mechanical self-winding mechanism that is seamlessly integrated into the case. The aesthetics of the Tank Anglaise replica watch are defined by compact forms and refined lines, a reinterpretation of the classic Tank that focuses on proportion and continuity.

Case and Winding Crown

Cartier Tank Anglaise is a large size Cartier  Tank  copy watch. Its case is manufactured from full gold and it measures 29.8 mm x 39.2 mm and 9.5 mm thickness. The overall look of the case is one that mixes very nicely masculinity with elegance. The most unique touch is the blue cabochon winding crown. The small and easy to use crown is decorated with a blue sapphire crystal on its top part. So when you are buying a replica you should pay really good attention to these details. Even if your replica won’t have the full gold case, it still should be made from solid stainless steel, have the same measurements and the blue stone winding crown. Otherwise it won’t look authentic.

Dial and Crystal

The dial of the Tank Anglaise is very particular. It is a lacquered silvered flinqué dial adorned with Roman hour markers, blue steel sword-shaped hands and a date window at the 3 o’clock position. The dial isn’t very complex or functional, but it has a very unique look due to the iconic Cartier “stretched” numerals. Most replicas manage to replicate the dial correctly; still the most difficult thing is to get the position of the date window right. This is located between the minutes markers and the 3 o’clock hour marker, but on the majority of imitations it is incorrectly placed on the left side of the 3 o’clock hour marker and in a wrong size- as you can also see in the pictures included in this article. The crystal of any good quality Cartier Tank Anglaise should be made of sapphire crystal.

Bracelet and Strap

The Cartier Tank Anglaise comes in a variety of bands. Some are yellow, rose or white gold while others are two-tone or leather strap. My favorite one is the brown crocodile strap band. This one comes with an ardillon buckle in the same material as the case. A good replica should also have a real leather strap with the same style of clasp.

Buttons and Functionality

This is not a very complex timepiece. It is a very accurate mechanical self-winding movement Cartier Tank replica watch that shows only the time and the date. Because of this, it is not that difficult to find a replica that works just like the authentic one and from my point of view the Japanese automatic movement is sufficiently precise and functional for a Cartier Tank Anglaise fake.


The Cartier Tank Anglaise is a very popular timepiece with a long tradition on the market. It is a symbol of class and wealth, a watch that everyone would love to have in their collection.

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