2015 Longines Equestrian Beijing Masters (Part 1)

October 23 to 25, the Beijing late autumn chill is getting stronger, the famous Chinese National Stadium “Bird’s Nest” because of a high-profile sporting event and almost boiling –2015 the Longines Replica Watches Equestrian Beijing International Masters) is the Olympic legend shrine in full swing. Longines Mr. Juan Carlos Capelli, director of marketing, vice president and hand in elegant Longines ambassador Mr. Peng Yuyan together to help event, not only with the audience equestrian enthusiasts wonderful experience extraordinary events, most side of the stadium more awards were presented with elegance.

As one of China’s highest level of professional equestrian events, Longines 2015 Beijing International Equestrian Masters aims to disseminate inherent in equestrian sport and cultural heritage, promote chivalry, promote equestrian sport and the popularity of Chinese and global synchronization. This is a well-known Swiss Replica Watch manufacturer Longines fifth consecutive year, won the title sponsor of the tournament and became the official timekeeper and specify watch, which fully shows the Longines equestrian sports in China to promote enthusiasm and determination to China Equestrian enthusiasts bring a high standard of gluttonous feast.


For starters, although late, but strong growth in China in terms of equestrian sport, Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters as an international FEI three-star event, undoubtedly represents the highest level of Chinese equestrian steeplechase. It is worth mentioning that, since 2011, which is also held in China for five consecutive years the only symbol of sports landmark “Bird’s Nest” organized international sporting events. The 2015 Beijing International Equestrian Masters Longines Watches heights, from tournament level, riders line-up once again to set up a series of activities to increase substantially beyond the previous standard of all events – which also marks the Chinese equestrian sport has entered a more High fields.

The competition lineup that can be described as extraordinary, many world-class knights gather in Beijing to compete against. These include British rider Scott • Brash, 29 years old, he is the Olympic Games and European champion, is currently in the “Longines FEI standings” on top of the list. • Legendary equestrian community Lu Dege Bierbaum, European champion Jay • Deeb Erdan also naturally will not miss this world-class high-profile event; • Swiss rider Jane Richard is particularly striking, not only that she is a female knight, but also that another of her identity: elegant Longines ambassador. Global players gathered equestrian, domestic leaders not much more: Chinese Equestrian Association annual ranking of the entire Li Zhenqiang, Liu Yan and other players have the same shook the stadium, with the world’s leading figures in the same field of equestrian competition.

Olympic equestrian sport is the only one by the people and animals done in collaboration tournament, the winner of both the synergies generated by the acquisition, so the importance of the horse’s self-evident. The total of 160 horses participated in the competition, compared to the past the number has significantly increased. The total value of all the horses, it is reached nearly 200 million. The digital direct evidence of the origin and quality of the participating horses, this also shows the total prize money of up to 1.58 million yuan of professional events, has intensified the inevitable showdown. On the other hand, the Chinese equestrian events of the first “Kiss & Cry Corner” area shuttle riders established; field line designed by the Olympic Games and has participated in the design of the world’s highest level of global competition obstacle course Mr. highest four-star venue designer Frank Rosenberg the surgeon himself. These details are so 2015 Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters has an unusual past, wonderful!

Since the start, “hot” may be used to describe the Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters site the best terms. Chinese audience’s enthusiasm for equestrian sport even beyond the organizers’ expectations. The entire event, the audience reached 30,000 people. In addition to intense competition, this competition also carefully prepared for guests under carefully built many field settings, bring to the audience a unique exclusive experience – “Equestrian Fashion Photography Competition”, “best horse work named” ” Equestrian Carnival “and other activities will be” equestrian “elements in the interest of peace in the form of easy to bring people, allowing the audience to get up close to feel the full range of equestrian sports, the experience it brings a lot of fun.

After some fierce competition, in the 25th of the “Longines Masters“, the champion of suspense finally settled: known as the “father of the German equestrian,” the rider Lu Dege Bierbaum · Horse riding Leonidas 100, by virtue of solid play won one title, Longines Mr. Li Li, vice president of China for its award; Chinese players also have made great progress in the competition: the highly anticipated Chinese players Huang Zuping riding LUCK LiLi 02 ranking Fifth, China is the best performance riders.

Uphold and equestrian sports have in common values: elegance, tradition and excellence, Longines from Beijing International Equestrian Masters initiate the beginning of that full support of the equestrian events. 2015 is the first year the two sides to work closely, Longines Carlos • Mr. Vice President and Marketing Director Juan • Capelli said: “We are proud to work with this exciting race to join the high-level, common interpretation of equestrian . The elegance and charm elegance five years since, we have been witness to the history of Cheap Replica Watches Equestrian complete leap into the new realm; also witnessed Yu Ma cultural essence and chivalry again sublimation and promote in China. ”

Night October 24, the “nest” of lights 2015 Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters is lit, a grand opening ceremony became the first show of 2015 Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters. The opening scene, Mr. Peng Yuyan Longines Ambassadors of Elegance wore gray suits, holding the horse elegant appearance with this elegant pavilions, it is his wrist looming Nama bright – Longines Master Collection Moon Phase Chronograph .

This elegant Longines likewise reflected in tournament site booth designs – beautiful soft brown wood cabinet lines with sharp white walls, Longines winged hourglass logo suddenly became the focus of vision. 2015 Basel series and the brand new classic watches, rich brand history picture, exquisite hat design, within a limited space, with a long tradition of 180 years of Longines, craftsmanship and elegant design vividly to show. Longines Replica Watches UK designed specifically for equestrian jigsaw is notable by the French artist Ken Keflione, it depicts a unique perspective from equestrian and elegant common essence.