Graham – Nose art girls in Hong Kong grade 1

Graham pin-up girls went out on the streets in Hong Kong on June 29 to meet watch lovers and curious spectators. 

In a very festive atmosphere, the pin-ups walked around the streets wearing the Chronofighter Vintage Nose Art limited editions, bringing the “nose art” girls inpsired by that found on allied warplanes during the second world war to life.

From the details, the consequent watch is similar to a personal reflection of Loth himself – each facet precisely measured and only decided upon following a lot of consideration. To give you an example, for just the carbon components, crucial to the design’s weight specifications, Graham chronofighter user manual Replica needed to source from five completely different providers in extremely different industries to acquire the exact custom made pieces created. Including watch buckle makers, of course, but also developers of medical grade carbon, plane brake makers, automobile makers, and even hockey stick makers — in case you were wondering, the signature Chronofighter trigger for this piece must be manufactured in a multi-layer manner, exactly the exact same manner that a hockey stick is created, to be super light and springy.Secondly — trendy factor — did you know that the US military recently changed the pattern of their camouflage to adjust to the digital age? Neither did I, but based on Mr. Loth’s explanation, the US military has developed a new camouflage pattern which accounts for its pixelated pictures in enemy satellite monitoring of our troops, helping our folks conceal better. Furthermore, unique, almost mathematical, camouflage patterns have been designated to specific missions so that strategic teams can quickly recognize if an enemy has got a uniform and is trying to infiltrate a current on-the-ground mission. Graham’s brand new Navy SEAL Chronofighter is the first commercial product in the marketplace to apply this new digital camo pattern.

As part of a Chronofighter Vintage Nose Art Ltd exhibition at Oriental Watch Co., the four models also presented the collection to the guests and posed for photographs with their cartoon lookalikes.

Click on the button above to see a photo gallery from the event.

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