Graham – A Chronofighter Vintage Nose Art grade 1

Following the four Chronofighter Vintage Nose Art models featuring the pin-ups Lilly, Sally, Nina and Anna, Graham watches thailand Replica has just unveiled a festive version of the timepiece sporting a Merry pin-up. Meticulously hand-painted on the blue sunbrushed dial, Merry ignites festive spirit with 1940s nostalgia and top-of-the-tree horological craftsmanship.

A festive Chronofighter Vintage Nose Art

When the next yearly WatchTime New York show wrapped up on Saturday, many attendees walked off with either a brand new watch on their wrist, or an idea for their next purchase–or just tuned to the horological high that so many enthusiasts hunger for. For a whole lot of people, it also provided an opportunity to observe timepieces that was declared but had not yet been shown to the public. 1 such instance is the eight-piece, limited-edition Geo. Graham Orrery Tourbillon, an unexpected high complication by a brand most notable because of its devotion to high-octane sports watches. Geo-Graham Orrery Tourbillon – frontThe Graham stall was packed throughout the two-day fair as people crowded around to find that the timepiece inspired by manufacturer eponym George Graham’s invention of the modern orrery at 1713. An orrery is traditionally a mechanical design that illustrates the heliocentric position of the solar system. From the 2017 Geo-Graham Orrery Tourbillon, a tourbillon made by Christophe Claret forms the beating heart of this galaxy while Moon and Mars characters–crafted with real fragments of the celestial bodies taken out of meteorites that fell to Earth, along with also a Kingman-turquoise Earth–circle the tourbillon enclosed inside an 18K pink gold bridge. At the center of the engraved superstar instance, a cabochon diamond marks the deceased center for its solar rotations.

The 44mm steel case of this limited edition Chronofighter Vintage Nose Art festive special houses an automatic chronograph G1747 movement, offering a 48-hour power reserve, and visible through a see-through case back. A day-date window at nine o’clock is ready to handle any sort of calendar countdown. And why exclude watches from dressing up to the nines? Each piece comes with a hand-sewn blue calf-leather strap, along with a red canvas alternative that will harmonise perfectly with any Santa outfit.

A festive Chronofighter Vintage Nose Art

Chronofighter Vintage Nose Art © Graham

Assuming they’ve been good and not naughty, only 25 lucky individuals around the world can celebrate in style with a Graham Chronofighter sporting a Merry pin-up.

A festive Chronofighter Vintage Nose Art

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